Saturday, 6 October 2012

Surviving our First Holiday- Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Thanksgiving is a day of family gatherings and good food. There is laughter, joy and just a great feeling of love for family and friends.Thanksgiving is a start of family and/or friends get togethers. But then after my baby Alanna's loss I thought to myself  “What can I be thankful for?" I feel that Thanksgiving is a useless and a painful holiday because I do not feel very thankful with my terribly hurting heart. I still think of my baby Alanna, always thinking what would it be like having her with us, celebrating what should have been our first holiday together as a FAMILY. But then, I thought to myself, this shouldn't be the end of world, I know it is very hard but I am still thankful of many things.

Although I am filled with sorrow and pain over losing my baby Alanna, here's a list of things that I am thankful for:
  • The time and memories I shared with my baby Alanna, no matter how short it was.
  • For my loving husband, who has stood by my side, listening to my pain, giving me hugs and support that I need when I'm sad and weak the most.
  • My 3 children who makes me laugh when my days are so low.
  • Signs of true family and friendships through thick and thin, phone calls, hugs, messages and all the good things and support they did for our family.
  • Good health for me, my husband and my 3 kids.
  • The beauty of nature, the sun, moon, stars, flowers, and everything else around us.
  • For the strength that God gives me everyday, that makes me a survivor.
Also want to share this message that I have found to other bereave parents:

"It is not carved in the stone that you must sit around a turkey pretending to be thankful. DO whatever it is you need to do this year. If Thanksgiving is a problem, explain to those who care about you that this years will be, by necessity, be different. Hope they will understand and if they don’t, let it be their problem for your needs are paramount right now."

Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada is fast approaching, it will be on Monday [October.8.2012]. Happy Thanksgiving Alanna. I am still thankful that you became part of our life even just for awhile. Love and miss you baby.

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