Alanna's Name Gallery

I am sad that I can no longer take pictures of my baby Alanna, I am sad that I can never see her grow. I would never know how she would look like in a pajama, in a school uniform, in a simple jeans and shirt or even in a simple dress.  That's why just seeing her name just written anywhere or in any kind of form makes me happy. If ever you have time, please write her name in anyway you can, take a photo of it and send it to me My only request of you. Thank you in advance. ♥♥♥


Thanks Kathi @ Butterfly Names

Thank you Catherine @ Gabriel's Garden

Thanks to my
Niece Jessica for
spelling her name,
taking picture
and sending it to me.
Thank you Rachel for
Monarch Butterfly

All for love! on behalf of Rhonda, Steven and baby S.
"You are alwaysin my heart"

Thank U Kyla! @ Tossie's Tree and Painted Rocks

Thank you Brandy from
Kaia Angel Hat Ornaments
  Also came with a
Christmas Card from

December 2012
Alanna's Subway Art
Thank you Angela
Church of the Holy Innocent

Maura Lynn's Baby Loss Memorial Block

Thank you Ami! @ Justice for All 

In Our Hearts Photo Pendants
 Alanna's Valentines Photo Names
Alanna's Name Gallery - My birthday request 2013

Angel Whispers
Alanna's Certificate of Birth
from Angel Whispers

Thanks to my brother Leonard
and his family

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