Friday, 5 October 2012

Gabriel's Garden and Twinkle of Light

I wanted to write a post about Catherine's blog and work at Twinkle of Light and Gabriel's Garden because she has been my inspiration. I remember I was reading blogs and saw one of Catherine's comment post about her loss, I saw the date July 19, 2012 and I thought that was a month before I lost my Alanna. I was so curious and so I read her story. I remember crying afterwards, I thought that she is a very strong woman who has lost his son recently but is already offering support to other parents. Her story and how she is available to lend support to other bereave parents truly inspires me. Hoping that someday, maybe in the future, I would be able to lend support to other bereave parents. I feel blessed to have met Catherine. She also took pictures for my Alanna and I want to share it to all. I absolutely love them! 

To read about her son Gabriel please visit her blog Twinkle of Light. To request a flower for your Child(ren) go to Gabriel's Garden.

Alanna Phoebe
Our Forever Baby

I've been wanting to write Alanna's name on the sand
but I have limited resources here in my area, I was thankful I met
Catherine and she did took this picture for my baby.

Flower Released: Redondo Beach, California

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