Saturday, 20 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 19: Project & Day 20: Charity/Organization

For Day 19 Projects, I don't really know what to share but I guess just the photos that I took and edited to remember losing my baby Alanna. I guess having to work on this photos where I shed tears most of the time will be a huge project for me. Yes it does makes me cry most of the time, always wishing I have Alanna instead and need not to do these things. Especially knowing that the pictures that I'll be taking and editing would not include her on it. But I love taking pictures of things to remember her this is something that I am hoping to do even though it breaks my heart that I can no longer take pictures of her... I guess I can say that I do these things knowing that every shot I think of her.

Here are the most recent ones that I can share as projects inspired by my loss.

Cupcakes made by me and my 3 kids for our daughter's 2-months heaven birthday

My 3 kids with cupcakes we made for our baby Alanna

Happy 2-months heaven birthday
Mommy learned to edit picture because of you!

Cupcakes with messages written by me, KC and Ava.
I'm sure if Diezel knows how to write he would write things for you as well
but for now, mommy wrote for your brother.

learned to make moving pictures
dedicated to you my Alanna

Mommy learned so much because of you Alanna
I love you
For Day 20 Charity/Organization, share your favorite charity or organization that has touched your heart on this road of grief? Hmmmm...I guess this is something that I need to work on. I can't think of anything to photograph or anything to share for this. No charity or organization but I guess I have some links/website  that touched my heart on this road.

I've read a lot of story about baby loss when I started my blog and I guess those would be the ones. I would want to write each one of them here but I guess it will take me forever to write them all down but you can find them on the side links of my blog under "Blogs I follow".


  1. These are beautiful pictures and a wonderful way to remember Alanna. I've made a scrapbook for each of my angel girls that I put pictures of their names written by others and pictures of things that I have done to remember them.

    1. That's a good idea. I will do that, thanks for sharing!


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