Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mother's Day Name Event 2013

To celebrate Mother's day, I participated in Catherine's (Gabriel's Mommy @ Twinkle of Twilight) Mother's Day Name Exchange Event to remember our precious babies.  I wrote different angel baby's names in different ways in our property.  I found peace and it is an incredible healing experience.  I thought I am missing one of my children but it felt like I have a lot of children when I wrote the babies' names in my list. Wrote some of them inside my house, some of them outside our home in the garden, even in our backyard.

Thank you so much Catherine for organizing this. ♥♥♥

Kenley's Empty Arms Project

(In memory of Rachael's daughter, Kenley Faith-- family's tiny princess)

Rachael hand out bears to the local hospitals & Doctors' office in Montana where she lives. She do open up requests to a set number of moms one day a month. Visit their Facebook page to read about what she does. ❤

I requested this bear when she was moving. I was not expecting it to come to me so early as I know how busy it is for someone to be moving but hey! I got my bear and I love it!

Thank you Rachael from Kenley's Empty Arms Project [K.E.A.P] for sending my family this bear. Like what you said on your FBpage, it did reminded me of  "the pain of leaving the hospital with nothing but empty arms and a broken heart". I am really, really thankful though for what you've sent me. 
I showed it to my children and my daughter hugged and kissed the bear. I told her about what you do and told her that I am expecting a bear in the mail. You should see the happiness in her eyes when I told her that I got something in the mail. It was one of those days that I hope it was really her baby sister Alanna. I can just imagine if we went home that day with Alanna in a baby car-seat that she would hug and kiss her too.. but then we came home that day empty handed. It is wonderful to see though what her reaction will be.

My daughter sleeps with the bear you've sent and she said she loves the smell of it. ❤❤❤. I think she is smelling what I can't smell... who knows? maybe Alanna sent that smell to her somehow through your bear. ❤

Kenley's Empty Arms Project [K.E.A.P] Teddy Bear In memory of Kenley Faith
Photo of my K.E.A.P. Bear when I received it

Kenley's Empty Arms Project [K.E.A.P] Teddy Bear
Thank you Rachael
My son with the bear. All smiles~!♥
When we went to Fallsview Indoor Waterpark we checked-in at Skyline Inn Hotel and my daughter did bring the bear. Thought to share a picture with them together in a crib. ♥. Alanna would've been sleeping on that crib *bittersweet*.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Eden's Wings - my very own handmade bracelet

Got it this week.

Sharing my Handmade Bracelet from Molly at Eden's Wings-- a symbol of healing, hope and remembrance. ❤❤❤

To Molly,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love wearing it! ❤

 Visit Eden'sWing pages --> Facebook or Site.

"E" for Eden's 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thank you Gianna's Light

I received my ribbons from Gianna's Light this week. I ordered 3 ribbons and I am hoping for my 3 children to wear them on Alanna's Death anniversary on August.

Thank you Gianna Lynn's Mom, Sherri. (I thought I love the name Gianna as it rhymes with my baby Alanna ♥♥♥)

To request and read about Gianna's Light please feel visit their site.

white, blue and pink heart ribbons
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