Thursday, 4 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 4: Most Treasured Items

I treasure Alanna's picture that we have taken. I think we only have a few and I wish I had more pictures of her when we were in the hospital. I know I regret taking pictures of her with my kids in the hospital. I regret our decision for them not to see the baby in the hospital. That time, I just was not ready, I didn't know how to tell my kids that their baby sister died. How I wish I took pictures of them carrying their sister atleast. But eventually, we had to tell them because we wanted them to be there during her funeral visitation. We wanted them to see how beautiful their sister is. I'm heart broken though because I know that it would be the first and last day that they will see their baby sister Alanna.

I also treasure the things that I got from the hospital. They were all so kind and gave my baby her first outfit, baby bonnet, baby blanket, booties, hospital bracelets, hospital cards, measuring tape, her hand and footprints, a baby angel and pieces of her hair which in my heart I will treasure forever.


  1. These are beautiful treasures in memory of a very beautiful little girl. I hope at times they bring you comfort <3


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