Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 2: Self Portrait, Before Loss

My husband took this photo after I deliver my baby Alanna, using his cellphone, I am all smiles in this picture thinking that everything was OK not knowing that after few hours my Life Would Change! We were both smiling, laughing, talking how the delivery of the baby went so fast and smooth(no epidural!), we were making plans for what to buy for her and what would the hospital need because we were not expecting to have her come out early at 28 weeks. We were not ready, we didn't have anything with us then.. No diaper bags, no diapers, no baby clothes, no cameras... not knowing that afterwards there will be NO BABY either :(


  1. Anna, you look beautiful in this picture! I am so sorry that just a few hours later Alanna grew her angel wings.

  2. Thank you Catherine. I thought it was a beautiful picture because my smile is so genuine. Hoping that in time I will have that true smile back.


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