Thursday, 25 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 25: Baby Shower/Blessing

We were not expecting Alanna to come out at 28-weeks, so I did not really had a baby shower. I am sharing though a picture of the only thing that I have received early for Alanna. Baby clothes that came from the Philippines from my niece Rose("Lot-Lot"). I actually ask her to buy me these things and told her that I will send the money for    the cost but she told me that I don't have to pay her in return. 

When my brother-in-law came back from his trip  to the Philippines, he was carrying the baby clothes. I remember I got them few days before I lost Alanna. I didn't even open it up until Alanna's funeral as I was looking for a clothing that she can wear for her funeral. I cried when I saw them because I knew she can never try them and wear them. It was too big for her small body. I have more than one, so I plan to give them away. I am not sure though if I want to keep one set for myself or should I just give everything. I'm not sure yet. I guess when that time comes, I will know what to do with them. 

Also, I want to share the photos below that I consider blessing that was given to us to remember Alanna. Also check my Most Treasure Items Post which is also consider blessing.

cross from the funeral homes

Message in a bottle from her Great Grandma Romy

Bag with Alanna's things from the hospital
From the Hospital where I deliver Alanna

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