Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 24: Siblings

Day 24. Siblings Obviously not everyone can use siblings as a subject but I felt it was important to include the children who are left here to grieve their brothers and sisters. Capture a sibling, niece or nephew’s grief. Maybe you could share a drawing they have done or even just a photo of them holding something that represents their brother or sister that they are missing. Give them a voice here.

I am glad that my niece Samantha took some pictures during Alanna's funeral visitation from her cellphone. Below are the ONLY pictures I have of Alanna with her brothers and sister. I wish we took more pictures, I guess one of my regret is not having my children come to the hospital to see her. It would be nice for them to hold their baby sister and take pictures. I admit, I am jealous of those family who have pictures of their kids with their baby. If only I knew that this is ok I would have taken tons of pictures!

big brother with our baby during funeral visitation
Kristopher and her baby sister Alanna

big sister with our baby during funeral visitation
Ava and her baby sister Alanna

little brother with our baby during funeral visitation
Diezel and his baby sister Alanna
He was running around, he's so innocent.
I'm glad someone took this picture

And I also want to share my 12-year old niece Samantha who took and saved the pictures above using her cellphone.
my niece with our baby during funeral visitation
Samantha, Alanna's cousin

Also want to share what my niece's message and my son's drawing which can be found on this POST.


  1. All of your children are so beautiful.. i'm so glad you have these precious photos of them together.

    1. Thank you Catherine. I wish I have more but yes they are precious photos.


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