Alanna Phoebe: Hospital
Date: August.19.2012



Alanna Phoebe’s Mass
Date: August.23.2012
Where: St Barnabas Catholic Church


  1. Anna, I am so glad you decided to start a blog in honor of your precious Alanna... she is absolutely beautiful. My blog has been so therapeutic for me, and I've found healing in sharing Gabriel's story with others.
    Please let me know if you need anything at all... I know how difficult it is to just get through each day and I've found that the support I received from other BLMs has helped me so much. If you ever need to talk or have any questions, I'm always available! Love, Catherine

    1. *BIG HUGS* Thank you Catherine. For you offering support mean so much to me, yes-- everyday is difficult to get through.. someone told me it small baby steps at a time. So many questions in my head that I think I know the answers but so hard to accept and maybe still dont want to accept.. even if I know the answers nothing will change now. Oh how I wish things were different-- my heart is still breaking.She would've been ONE-month-old tomorrow(that's 2-months for your Gabriel). XOXO

  2. I happened upon your blog merely by mistake. However, the story about you, your family and Alanna truly has touched me. She was a BEAUTIFUL little Princess!!! I look at the picture of your first time holding her and my heart just sank......and your husband he was being so strong but I could feel the pain through the pictures. All of the photo were just beautiful. I pray that your hearts will continue to heal.

    Mom of 5 and 1 little angel in Heaven!!
    Be blessed!!!!!!


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