Thursday, 11 October 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 11: Supportive Friends/Family

Losing Alanna made me realize how family and friends are so important. Through her, I found who my true family and friends are. But the most supportive I would say is my husband, the only person who went through it all and knows what it feels like to lose our baby Alanna because he experienced it too. The person who was there when I want to explode and lose hope. I remember him telling me to be strong and think of our 3 kids. I know we don't always talk about our Alanna but I know in my heart he missed her too. I do hear him sniffs sometimes even if he denies and give me an excuse that it's just his "allergy" I know that he is sad and just trying to be strong for both of us. Below is the picture I found of Daddy (it's what I call him) with my Alanna. The first time I saw this picture, it made me cry and wish that things were different, wish that my baby is with us.

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