Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wings of Jeremiah

I wanted to share the memory box that I have received from Amanda @ Wings of Jeremiah.

The Package came yesterday and of course I was so excited to open it. Box itself made me smile. There was a drawing of the Wings of Jeremiah Logo that I have seen on their facebook page when they have posted "Memory box heading to an Angel momma!!!!" on April 4th, 2013. ♥♥♥. I am not sure if it was the same box but I have a feeling that it was. *grin*

It came with so many beautiful things. "Wings! wings! wings!" purple and pink too! ♥

I tried to picture below each of the items I have received and I am sharing them all.

It came with a Necklace with a beautiful pink butterfly pendant, a Heart-Shaped Silver that has the word "Forever" engraved. ♥... 

 Stone that has tiny delicate footprints.

A transparent oval stone that has a tiny foot made with clay. ♥...

Baby Foot with Angel Wings!... (Made of Clay)...

A Beautiful Winged Baby Angel Sleeping snugly *grin*... (so small, so delicate and I am so in love with it♥). When my 2 kids arrived from school, I show them the things that I've got and everybody was asking so many questions and wanting to know about who sent it and where it came from. Then my 3-year old son told us to be quiet and pointed to this tiny sleeping angel and said "shhhh.. 'ading' is sleeping" (**Ading in our language means little brother/sister). Made me smile because he was so young but he knows that it was for her baby sister.

Custom Candles that Amanda made. It has the Wings of Jeremiah logo and Alanna Phoebe's information (her special day, her weight and her length). 

I was so touched because I don't remember giving all this information to Amanda but she had the time to get information about my baby Alanna in my blog. I am so touched with all the effort that she put in what she does in keeping Jeremiah's memory alive. I know I will never forget Amanda and the name Jeremiah.

To Amanda, thank you for what you do. Thank you for all the things you've sent me in memory of your Jeremiah. I love everything that you picked and sent me to remember my precious baby Alanna. Someday I will give back on what you do for the BL Community. ♥♥♥  . Hugs.

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