Monday, 29 April 2013

Trip to Fatima Shrine - Buffalo, New York

We went to Buffalo, New York to go to Fatima Shrine (Basilica of the National Shrine or our Lady of Fatima). I prayed for Alanna and somewhat to let things out and speak to the Lord. Honestly, I still ask questions why He had taken her suddenly, why my baby, why my family.

Up until now, I admit I do constantly pray for answers and enlightenment, I ask for Him to give me signs. I know that my Alanna is in good hands but still I had to stop my tears from flowing because a part of me miss her, a part of me still don't want to accept that she is gone. Why did He not give me few more hours, few more days or few more years? Why He did not give me more time to embrace, kiss and take care of my dear Alanna?  Is it wrong to ask this questions? Is my faith being tested? I understand that God is here for us. He will carry us through our troubles but He does not guarantee that life will go as we wish. I pray for Him to help me find peace.

Eniweyz, all-in-all it was a great trip for our family, we went with my brother-in-laws family. We went around Buffalo... also had to pick up my Beanie4ABaby and my Ethan's FlameCandle from my Niece. 

We arrived in the Shrine and there were so many statues but I stopped on this one and stared... dunno why.

Alanna's big brother with Dad (top picture)
Me with big bro (lower left); Bro-in-law, Daddy and big brother (lower right)
in front of the Fatima Shrine Church Entrance

Alanna's big sister posing with the Saint statues
if it wasn't cold she would've wanted me to take
her picture with all the statues in there.
She is just a poser~!
Made me wonder if Alanna would've been the same ♥

Inside the Shrine, there was a room where we can light up red candles. ♥. It was one of those moments where my children remembered, they asked me if they can light a candle for Alanna! Touched of course I said YES~! Even though they are young I am happy that they think of her... so happy that they do remember their baby sister Alanna ♥.
Inside the Shrine with Alanna's big brothers and sister
Candle Lit~!

Alanna's big sister lighting another candle for Tatang and my Dad.

Alanna's big bro

Alanna's Big sis

Red Lit Candle

Another room in the church where you can write your wishes
and prayers

Alanna's cousin also lighting a Blue candle
Shrine's Roof top

Family on top of the Fatima Shrine roof... closer to Alanna ♥♥♥

Giant Rosary at Fatima Shrine

Something that I bought from the Fatima Shrine gift shop
Me and my daughter was looking for something that has
Alanna's name but unfortunately there is nothing.
Closest one we got was the baby sitting on a cube that
has the letter "A"

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