Thursday, 11 April 2013

Baby Loss Ribbon from Serenity's Mom Jessie

I am so happy that I finally got the Baby Loss Ribbon that Serenity's Mommy Jessie sent me today. I found her through Bo's Mom Kayla Ann. For that, I want to also thank Kayla for introducing me to her.

I was shy at first and was scared to ask for a ribbon because I did not know Jessie but she was so kind she took my Alanna's information and sent it right away. We have few messages back and forth and hoping in the future to befriend with her.

Today, my baby loss ribbon came in my mailbox! Thankful that it arrived safely. It was so beautiful, my first baby loss ribbon. I never knew what it meant until I have lost my baby Alanna. It did bring tears to my eyes because getting this things can be at times bittersweet. Knowing that I am not alone but then ofcourse the reasons why I have this ribbon. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessie!
I will always remember the name Serenity.

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