Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy 7-months Heaven Birthday my baby Alanna

Tagalog- pito 
French- sept
Spanish- siete
Ukrainian- sim (in Latin alphabet)
Russian- syem (in Latin aphabet)
German- sieben
Japanese- shichi/nana (depending on context)
Portuguese- sete
Italian- sette
Mandarin- qii (hold i) (phonetically)
Korean- eel gohp (phonetically)

SEVEN months I've carried you in my womb and now here I am counting the 7-months that you were gone. You would've been 7-months old today here in my arms but then you are up there in heaven for 7 months. 

Today marks your 7-months Heaven Birthday my baby Alanna.
Tomorrow marks the day when I lost you longer than I carried you... longer than 7-months.

It makes me lonely that I was not given more than 7-months to carry you or even more than 7-months to take care and be with you. But a part of me makes me happy because that 7-months led me in meeting people all over the world and finding the BL Community. I've met wonderful people who have lost their child for more than I've lost you and here they are still there and remembering the baby that they have lost. It is sad that there are so many babies who came and gone too soon made me realize that I am not alone. For that past 7-months I grew and you made me a better person I want you to know.

For 7-months I've grieved and I am still grieving but grieving is not bad. I want to share:
"Grieving is NOT a disease, it is NOT an illness, it is NOT depression. It is, in fact, an Expression of Love. Grief can only be a disease if Love is."

Happy 7-months heaven birthday. I love you my angel Alanna. For infinity and beyond~!

I also want to share a keepsake necklace with Alanna Phoebe's name on it. It came in the mail today on her special day from Jim and Larisa Barth's Held your Whole Life in honor of their little warrior Asher Finn. Please visit their site to read what they do to honor babies born in silence. 

I was also surprised when I saw that I was sponsored by Kyla from Tossie's Tree in memory of her son Tossie. I was not expecting that someone I met from the BL Community to do this for me. I never knew her personally but here she sponsored us and bumped me on top of the list. I was so touched that she remembered me and my Alanna. And the best part of it is, it came on Alanna's 7th-month Heaven Birthday. What more can I ask for today? To Kyla and her family (especially to Tossie~of course) my whole hearted THANKS! Thank you for what you did, your generosity and you remembering me on that long list on their site. I don't know how you did it but thank you so much! 


  1. Happy 7 Month Angel Birthday Alanna <3

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