Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy 5-months Heaven Birthday my baby Alanna

Yesterday was Alanna's 5-months heaven birthday. Of course I woke up thinking about what would have been like if she is here with my family. Just imagining her maybe smiling at me, giving her my "sandwich" kiss with her chubby cheeks. 

We bought flowers for you, that's one thing I look forward doing every month. I've never like fresh flowers in the house but when I lost you I look forward choosing fresh flowers for your birthday. I guess it will be "my tradition" buying flower every 19th of the month. Love and miss you Alanna. Hope you like the flower I picked.

Daddy also wants to say "He loves and misses you. You will always be in our hearts."  

5-months heaven birthday

Monthly Birthday:


  1. This is such a sweet way to remember Alanna on her angel birthdays. Happy 5 Month Angel birthday Alanna <3

  2. I love it!! I have considered something similar but didn't know if it was weird to suddenly start buying flowers 5 1/2 years after her loss. I'd love to do something on the 14th of each month which was Calypso's birthday


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