Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sufficient Grace Ministries

Delivery from Sufficient Grace Ministries
Today, I want to share what I have received yesterday from Kelly's Organization-- Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women. I received both Comfort Bear and Dreams of You Memory Book. I felt so happy and blessed to receive such wonderful keepsake. Holding the bear makes me think about my baby Alanna. The bear feel so soft on my skin like a baby. It just felt so different when you hug the bear. I guess that's why they call it "comfort bear". I had to hold my tears when I opened the huge box. At first I was successful but then when I started reading the memory books contents (comforting scripture from the Bible, inspirational poems, as well as Kelly’s personal story of loss, grief, hope and healing) my tears were just rolling down.  
When my 6-year old daughter arrived from school, she started hugging the bear and instantly fell in love with it. She started putting bracelets and princess crown on it. I just can't help imagining that bear to be her little baby sister.♥♥♥ She was all smiles playing with the bear. 

To Kelly and the members of the Sufficient Grace Ministries-- thank you, thank you so much for everything you've sent me. What you are doing is really amazing.

Comfort Bears were created by Kathy Rutter in 2005 for grieving mothers to have something to hold to ease the ache of empty arms. Kathy created each one with a grandmother’s love and prayers. After a valiant battle with cancer, Kathy went home to heaven in October of 2006. Today her legacy continues as the Helping Hands Ministry gathers to sew the bears, sending a grandmother’s love and prayers along with each one.
Comfort Bear for Grieving Mother from Sufficient Grace Ministries
"The Dreams of You Memory Book was created for mothers and families who have lost a baby. It includes places for parents to journal the dreams they had for their baby, their journey of loss and healing, letters to baby, pages to record the baby’s statistics, memorial service, baptism, footprints, mementos, etc. Also included are inspirational poems and comforting scripture from the Bible, as well as the author’s personal story of loss, grief, hope and healing."

Comfort Bear and Dreams of You Book
MY OWN Comfort Bear and Dreams of You Book

Me after opening the box from Sufficient Grace Ministries
Sorry I just finished crying on this picture-- such a mess


  1. Beautiful! So glad you were blessed by the Dreams of You items. I loved picturing your daughter playing with the bear! Praying for you and your family!

    1. Thank you again Kelly and your team. Someday I will give back to your organization. What you did is very amazing! Really very very very thankful.

  2. Beautiful. My son ended up the owner of our Comfort Bear- he named her Beatrix Bear, after his sister. <3

  3. I am so glad this has brought you comfort xoxo

  4. It's wonderful to read your beautiful joy over your Dreams of You package. Thinking of your daughter... Alanna.


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