Thursday, 6 December 2012

Angel Whispers

I opened it and it came with
a Memorybox & Care Packages
"It also says
donation in memory of
precious baby Emily Williams"
Thank you~!

Today I want to share ANGEL WHISPERS, a non-profit charity operating under the umbrella of Families First Society of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. It was created by three moms in the Edmonton area who have experienced the loss of their baby, one shortly after birth, one through miscarriage, and one through stillbirth. I invite you to support what they do and visit their website for more information.

I also want to share what I have received from them--a very Special Care Package from Angel Whispers. I want to thank them for everything they've sent me. Newsletters, support group information, Zoe's Memory box, a keepsake(beautiful angel wings) and a Certificate of Birth (Alanna's name on it!). I think their website is amazing especially the things that they do for parents who have loss their baby. I remember having a sad, bad day but when I open our door I was surprised to see this package in our doorstep. I was so excited to open it, I feel blessed and happy after opening it. I felt loved.♥♥♥. I was not expecting it to come so soon but I received them after 5 days from requesting the package. I really, really love all the information that I got and all the things that I received that I will sponsor a care package in memory of my Alanna Phoebe. I've been looking to find something to remember her and I think this is one thing that I will do. Hoping to do it at least once a year or maybe more... who knows? If you are looking to do this for your baby I invite you to go to their website. For every $10.00 donation they will send out a care package to another newly bereaved family in memory of your baby, with the special label on the cover.

Zoe's Memory box
I feel in love with this lovely wings. I was not expecting it but I LOVE IT!

My heart filled with joy seeing Alanna's name on this Beautiful Certificate of Birth
Zoe's Box, Angel wings, Certificate of Birth, card and care package.
Angel Whisper's really care~!

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