Monday, 18 February 2013

Late Post Valentine Day

Happy Valentines Day my L♥ve-- Alanna

I want to thank this wonderful people:
Catherine from Gabriel's Garden

From my brother Leonard and his family

From Kayla Ann @ Unexpected Miracle
Flowers and Chocolates
Daddy gave me beautiful flowers and chocolates. Chocolates remind me of when I was pregnant with Alanna because when I was pregnant I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I never had this when I was pregnant with my other kids, only with Alanna. I remember few days before I lost Alanna that I even went to this seminar about what to eat and what not to eat--Sugar Diets. How to count your sugar and we were even given this strips to check our sugar levels . After the seminar, I tried taking care of what I eat especially chocolates. I love them but then of course I had to stop eating them and watch my sugar when I was pregnant. Chocolates (or anything sweet) makes me wonder.  Maybe? Maybe one of the reason why Alanna came out too soon. I am not sure-- but I've always thought--- but again I will never know.

Flower from Dadi
Anyhowz, we celebrated Valentines by simply going out and eating at Pizza Hut. All 5 of us enjoyed the food and each others company. Another day of celebration without my baby Alanna but I know she was there watching us.

Family Valentines Dinner 2013 @ Pizza Hut
My hubby, me & my 3 kids (missing one-in heaven ♥)

salad, breadsticks and
chicken wings
pasta and pizza
Who am I kidding? I can eat
anything now *heartbroke*

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