Wednesday, 27 February 2013

For Alanna's 6-months Heaven Birthday

More than half a year has passed already?! Really time flies so fast. Sorry for not having the time to write posts. Really late writing this one. But eniweyz, I am writing today to share what we have gotten Alanna on her 6th-month heaven birthday. We usually buy flowers every 19th of the month but for her 6-months heaven birthday(February 19th) I told my hubby that I want to get her  not just flowers but a flowering plant-- I got Orchids. I saw this plant when a friend of mine in facebook posted an orchid that she got on valentines day and so I thought this would be a nice thing to get my Alanna. I am hoping for the orchid plant to stay alive longer than 2 months? (Let's hope~!? who know?). Yeah, I know I am bad with planting. Not a green thumb here! I don't really know how to take care of any but I just feel like getting one to remember her. I've been wanting to grow live plants in our house but I am just not that person who's good with plants, maybe  I should learn how to do that. There's an instruction attached to it, the labels says "Just add Ice Orchids", Ice is easy to get but I really don't know where to get that sunshine it needs. It's winter here in Canada and I don't think I can bring it out in this cold weather. For now if I see sunshine by the window, I put it there. If anyone has any advice, feel free to comment or message me. But for now I will rely on what Google gives me. Hoping my not so green thumb will somehow keep these beautiful orchids alive.

Getting these orchids also reminds me of my grandma 'Cela, who died last 2009. She was one of those people who took care of me and my brother when we where kids in the Philippines while my mom works abroad. I remember during my childhood how she is good with plants, vegetables and just anything in her garden. I use to go for walks with her looking for a black fertilized soil that she digs,  she carries them to bring in her garden while I play with soils.  I admit it made me sad thinking that she is gone now, I miss her like my Alanna. I wish she was here to tell me how to take care of plants. 
My Grandma went to US and stayed with my uncles and aunt  for so many years but she came here once in Canada for a vacation. I was so happy to see her after so many years. We were even telling her to stay with us here in Canada. After a few months of going back to US, we found out that she was hospitalized. Then next thing we got is the bad shocking news, I remember being very sad that day and tried so hard to hold my tears. It's like she just waited to see us for the last time before saying her goodbyes to us. A sudden lost for my family just like my baby Alanna. But that day made me realize that my Alanna is now with her, I visualize my grandma holding her and taking care of her like when she took care of me when I was small. I feel happy knowing that they are together and I'm just imagining them in a heaven garden planting the most beautiful flowers. Today, I have teary eyes writing this post but I am happy knowing that there are close people with my little precious Alanna watching over her. And one of them is my Grandma Cela.


Just add Ice Orchid

they call it "Just add Ice Orchids"

Orchid getting sunshine beside Alanna's Memory Box

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