Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happy 6-Months Heaven Birthday my baby Alanna

Time really flies. 6 months already?! I am proud to say the pain is lesser now. Don't get me wrong I still wish she is with me and of course I miss her to the MAX! There is no day that I think of my Alanna but I am here to announced that I have accepted that she will not be with me on this lifetime. HAH! Look at me, typing this while here I am in tears again *PAUSE* deep breath Anna.

I've released the anger that I feel to myself, I know that she is watching me from up there and she would want me to live my life the fullest. She would not want me to be sad and cry everyday because I know that she is with the Lord God. Why should I cry over that? Yes, I am sad that I was not given the chance to spend time with her that long but I am happy that she is up there, with God and the other angels. She is our baby Angel watching over us.

HAHAHAHAHA... OK, I had to type that-- I am in tears and sniffing again. Gosh I need to grab a tissue.

from Debby @ For Your Tears
Thank you!
Today, as per usual I plan to get flowers for Alanna and lit a candle. I'll post pictures on my next post once I got them. I plan to go out with my son in the mall to get what flower I was thinking to get her today. I hope I find the flower plant that I have in mind.

For now, I want to share this Handkerchief that I've received this past week, I want to give thanks to Debby from For Your Tears, she sends out handkerchief to women who have lost a child. Read her post and visit her HERE.

This 'hanky' came very handy today. Thanks Debby ♥♥♥.

OK, got to run and get ready.
Happy 6-months Heaven Birthday Alanna. I love you~!

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