Friday, 21 September 2012

PinWheels from Heaven

I want to thank Shauna for the lovely pictures that she took for Alanna. I was so touched because I sent my request 2 days prior to Alanna's 1-month birthday. Hoping to see them before her 1-month birthday, I asked if it is possible for me to get them before her special day and to my surprise she did it for me. Again, I felt that
my baby is not alone but with her beautiful children--Janessa and Hope. It does really feel like she was welcomed by her children and was added to their circle of angel friends.

I invite everyone to go to Shauna's PinWheels from Heaven, to get a chance to see her garden and read her story.

Of course I also want to thank Catherine, for without her blogs I wouldn't find Shauna's web page. For many days, when I started blogging I was looking for inspirations, I was hopping and reading websites until I stopped on her site and read her blogs. I guess I was also touched with her story. I can't remember how I found her site but I'm so glad I did. Maybe her Gabriel and Alanna wanted me to somehow unite with her through her blog. Somehow, I felt really connected with her especially when I found out that we both lost our babies on the same date 19 but only 1 month apart.

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