Friday, 28 September 2012

Messages, prayers and notes from my young niece and son

Yesterday, we had dinner and prayed with our close family and friends for Alanna's 40th day and I just want  to share the following message/prayer that my 2 nieces gave us. 
I was so surprised and touched because both of them were young and they thought of doing this things to us. I love you both!


From my 11-year-old niece Jessica.
Thank you for the message.
Love you~!
Thank you for running for her Jessica~!
From my 12 year-old niece Samantha~! Love you!

  Also found this today:

I was cleaning up my eldest son's notes and paper projects from last year to throw things that we don't need and for some reason I flip on this page and I read what he wrote. My first time seeing it, my heart jumped--felt mixed emotions.
Drawing I found in my son's note. June.25.2012
Mixed emotions- I felt like crying
but his grammar made me smile[almost laugh]..
atleast he tried~! love you Kuya KC

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